The one that got away.

All fishermen have stories about the big one that got away. Take a close look at this photo, notice the fishing line coming out of the right side of the gator’s mouth? As the alligator moved around, I could clearly see a fishing bobber attached to the line as well.

The line looks pretty heavy; I wonder how much of a fight the angler put up until the line broke? Perhaps he saw what he hooked and cut the line. Battling an alligator is a fight an angler is destined to lose.

No matter what happened, I am sure the fisherman has a whopper of a story to tell.

This photo was taken at Myakka River State Park, just a few miles west of Sarasota. The park usually has quite a few fishermen along the shores or wading out in the water. A park ranger told me that there has never been an alligator attack on a human in the park. Even so, I don’t think I would want to wade out into the water.



FOG sez:  My momma raised no dummies, she taught me to stay out of any water that holds animals big enough to eat me.