A staple in many Florida landscapes. The hibiscus flower is large and showy and bloom for most months of the year. It seems that they like a fair amount of water, not a problem for most Florida summers when the rain is frequent. During the dry months, just make sure your irrigation system is functioning properly. Of course fertilizing on a regular schedule is needed.

There are many varieties available. In fact, many areas have a hibiscus club or group that meets regularly to promote the plant. These groups sometimes sponsor a show or sale of the plants.

The flowers don’t last very long on the bush; a few days at best. We often cut a few flowers and bring them in the house. Just put the stems in a small vase filled with water. The blooms only¬† last a day inside. One warning: check the flowers for ants and small bugs before you bring them in. The little critters hide in the folds of the blossoms.

We have had a bit of a pest problem with one of our hibiscus plants: mealybugs started living on the branches. I sprayed them with the pesticide Talstar and they went away. In some cases, cutting off the infected area is necessary.

The shrub does grow fast and needs an occasional trim.


FOG sez:  Big and showy; that could describe me as well