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This site started on the Tenth Anniversary of our moving to Florida.  Ten years came and went pretty quickly. We have learned a lot in those years and have made some mistakes along the way. Our goal is to try to help new Florida residents, and those thinking about relocating here, profit from our experience.

The articles are set up with a variety of categories, so you can look for whatever interests you. We are open to suggestions to improve the site and will try to answer any questions asked.

Our Articles

Feeding Time

We had a mother and young woodpecker show up at our feeding station today. Apparently, the red bellied woodpeckers had a nest and raised a couple of babies nearby. The young one landed on the feeder that we stock with bread and starting making noise to the mother to...

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Handyman Catch-22

Just about every newspaper or shopper type of publication in Florida has a section where “Handymen” list their services. Be careful when choosing one of these guys. Florida does not issue a handyman license; some counties do issue a handyman occupational license, but...

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A staple in many Florida landscapes. The hibiscus flower is large and showy and bloom for most months of the year. It seems that they like a fair amount of water, not a problem for most Florida summers when the rain is frequent. During the dry months, just make sure...

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Saint Augustine

We took a weekend trip to the east cost of the state and visited Saint Augustine. Lots of history, shops, good restaurants and we found a sunset cruise on a sail boat. Mrs. FOG captured this beautiful image as the sun was setting over the shore. See more of our visit....

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Touring ST Augustine

Road trip to the Saint Augustine area. The city claims to be the oldest settlement in the US. No visit to St. Augustine would be complete without seeing Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. It is housed in a nice Archeological Park with beautiful grounds, peacocks...

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Way – Way back in 1966, I asked Mrs. FOG (before she was Mrs. FOG) to a school Christmas dance.

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Great Egret

These are really graceful birds. They stand about three feet tall. Notice the green around the eyes of the bird in the top photo. That is part of the breeding plumage.

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Losing my marbles

Sometime around my 55th birthday, a friend sent me an email with a neat story about an old man.

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Spanish Moss

Take a walk through just about any wooded area in the Sunshine State and you can’t help but notice Spanish moss.

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