This orchid changed my life.

Way – Way back in 1966, I asked Mrs. FOG (before she was Mrs. FOG) to a school Christmas dance. Lucky for  me she accepted the invitation.  I went to a local florist to order her a corsage for the event. I asked, “what was the most fancy flower they had?”  An orchid they replied, but they are way too expensive for a high school guy. I had a good after-school job, and I was trying to make an impression with my girlfriend.  I asked “how expensive?”.

The florist raised her eyebrows and said it would be $9.95!

Wait, stop laughing. Minimum wage at the time was $1.25 per hour, $9.95 was pretty darn steep back then. You could get a McDonald’s burger for 15 CENTS!

When I said the price was fine and I wanted to order the flower, they made me pay in advance. I guess they didn’t trust a 16 year old kid.

Long story made a bit shorter: my date loved the corsage and no other girl at the dance had one like it. After dating a few years she became Mrs. FOG.

All of these years later, she still loves orchids. Her collection at last count is over 75 of the plants.

FOG sez:  I always wondered if I could have gotten away with a rose?