Some cities pour dye into their rivers to help celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Our pool turned a pretty shade of green, all by itself.

A few weeks ago, I used my power washer to clean the pool screen and supports. Algae grow on the screen and power washing is a regular maintenance project, here in Florida.

Since I am not a new Floridian, I know that after such a cleaning, the pool chemistry needs to be checked and additional chlorine should be added to the pool. That will kill any algae that falls into the water. I forgot!

The pool screen cleaning took place right before our trip to Pennsylvania. The wonderful green color in the pool was our greeting when we returned.

Even though this looks like a disaster, it only took some heavy dosing of chlorine and some algaecide to correct. I did have to brush the pool a few times, run the circulation pump constantly for a few days and clean the filter a few times. After three days or so the pool was back in its normal clear state.

Moral of this story: add chlorine to the pool immediately after cleaning the screen.



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