One of the joys or curses (the choice is up to you) of living in Florida is people coming to visit. We enjoy having company, especially family. You may guess that our favorite visitors are our grandkids. They are always welcome.

When one of our sons visited us, just after we moved to Florida, he asked if we had ever heard of a sect of Italian men who never leave home.  Their mothers care for them, all of their lives. We were quick to inform him, as much as we love him, we have no Italian roots in our family and that was not going to happen.

There have been a few times when we felt like we were running a hotel. We had one couple leaving in the morning and another coming the same evening. It all worked out.

It is fun to share the local beaches, shopping and entertainment with guests. FOG likes to cook, so that’s never a problem.

Our guest bedroom has an attached bathroom and a sliding glass door to the lanai and pool. Guests can come and go as they please.

I think as long as you inform guests of any special “house rules” you may have, you will enjoy visitors as much as we do. Sharing paradise with friends is really fun.



FOG sez:

I give house guests one roll of toilet paper and tell them, “You can stay as long as this lasts”, works every time.