Like it or not, it is impossible to ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room named Disney World. It’s both the largest vacation resort and the most visited theme park in the world.

Walt Disney was a business genius; there is no doubt about that. In the early 1960s he purchased about 27,443 acres of mostly swamplands in central Florida. He had great visions for the park that was to be built on the site. Unfortunately, he died before he saw his dream come true.

The first park to open, The Magic Kingdom, started welcoming guests in 1971. Today, there are many different theme parks in the resort. So many, that Disney World employs about 66,000 people.

At different times of the year, Disney offers Florida residents discounts and deals on park admissions. These offers are a usually heavily advertised on Florida TV stations. You can check this site to see current offers.

Disney World is not my favorite attraction. However, it was fun to take the grandkids to the Magic Kingdom. For me, I find Ebcot more interesting.  The exhibits and restaurants from many countries offer information and great food. I do love to eat.

The best time for Floridians to visit is in early January. The Christmas vacation crowds are gone and the Florida discounts are usually offered at that time of the year. Often, you can walk right on to the rides, without waiting in line.



FOG sez:

The only magic in the Magic Kingdom is how fast your money disappears.