OK, all together now, everyone say: “Ahhh, isn’t that cute”.

One of our little owls started poking his head out of the box last evening. I was able to get this photo at dusk, as the mosquitoes were nipping at me.  Both of our young owls are doing fine.

The mother stays out of the box all day now. Both parents work hard to bring food in during the night. We had some rain in the past few days so there are lots of frogs out and about, that has been the main item on the menu for the babies.

They gobble down a frog in just a few seconds.

The two owlets don’t fight over food. In the past years, there was so much completion for food between the three babies, that we thought they might actually hurt one another. Perhaps because there are only two baby owls this year, they don’t feel the need to try and steal food from their sibling, or maybe this mother has taught them manners.



FOG sez: No one has ever said I was cute.