I opened the pool timer box today to adjust the start time and found a visitor inside.

Like most of us, I am not particularly fond of snakes. I don’t fear them and I do respect them, but would prefer if they stayed in the woods. Then again, they were here first and probably would prefer that I never invaded their territory.

I guess he was looking for a place to keep warm. When I tried to grab him, he went behind the timer where the wires are located. I turned off the power so he did not cause a short and get electrocuted.  Then I smacked the side of the box to get him to come out. He fell to the ground and was not happy.  He curled up and started striking at me. This little guy was only about twelve inches long, but he had a bad attitude.

My first thought was that he was a young corn snake. However, when he started striking I was concerned he was a pigmy rattlesnake. No matter how small he was, I was not about to take any chances, so I got a shovel and scooped him up along with some dirt and relocated him to the woods.

I sent a copy of this photo to several people who know snakes better than I. One said it could be a pigmy rattler, another said it was a young black racer and still another thought it was a young corn snake.

Take a close look at the photo, notice his blue eyes? That’s a sign that he is about to shed his skin. He is just a growing boy (or girl).

If you would like to add your opinion about his identity, please leave a comment.



FOG sez: You want to see a bad attitude, try waking me up from a warm nap.