A family of Sandhill Cranes paid a visit to our backyard today. Mom, Dad and two youngsters. The adults are about 4 feet tall. Their chicks have grown fast, they hatch in late April. I was very fortunate to photograph the two young birds walking in step in the photo above.


To be honest, there was no skill involved, just fantastic luck. This is one of those images that can not be posed.

These parents have been in the area for many years. How can we be sure it is the same birds? The male, pictured with his head down in the photo on the left, had his right leg damaged years ago. You can see that it is thicker than the left leg. Sandhill Cranes mate for life.

Click on the photo to view a larger image, to better see his damaged leg.  We are always glad to see him bring his family to the yard. In past years, he has completely emptied our bird feeder for the young to eat. We have written about these birds in other articles. They are just so spectacular, we felt we had to share these photos as well.

You can click on the photos to see a larger version. These birds are truly spectacular.


FOG sez: I wonder if I can enter the Olympics?

Is napping a sport? I am really good at that.