If you are planning to move to Florida, have recently relocated here or are just visiting the sunshine state, be very careful at intersections. For some reason, many Florida drivers do not stop when the traffic light changes to red.

Red light running is a national problem, from my observations, it is worse in Florida than in other states. It is bad enough, that on a recent trip to Pennsylvania, we noticed the lack of drivers running the red lights there.

Honestly, even on short trips to the grocery store, there is a very good chance that we will see not one, but several drivers fly through the red lights. One particular intersection, it is not unusual to see up to four cars drive through a red light. Think about that for a moment. It is not that they were in the middle of the intersection and the light turned red, these drivers saw the light was red and decided that they did not want to wait. So they choose not to stop.

When stopped by police, drivers typically offer “being in a hurry”, as the excuse for running the red light. Come on, Florida is full of retired people; is getting to the early bird buffet on time, worth chancing an accident?

It’s so bad, that many cars now sport the bumper sticker below on their cars.

You can get these free from this link.

So, what is a new Florida resident or visitor to do?

  • First, just like we all learned in Drivers Ed class, drive defensively.
  • Pay attention at intersections. When the light turns green for you, don’t pull out immediately.
  • Be sure to look both ways to make sure the other drivers have stopped.
  • Sure, green means go, look to be sure.

You don’t want the inscription on your headstone to read: “He had the right of way”.

One more thing; be careful when you do stop for a red light. Always check your rear view mirror for the guy behind who was not planning to stop. If he is doing a nose dive as he slams on the brakes, lay on your horn.

If you pay attention to your driving and slow down at intersections, you stand a better chance of stopping without being rear ended.



FOG Sez:

You should all know by now, I am the best driver in Florida.
Dang, I am probably the best driver anywhere.