A pair of crested flycatchers came to visit today. We do not often get to see these birds in our yard. In thirteen years, this is only the third time we have spotted them.

They seemed to be inspecting our nesting box, currently occupied by a screech owl. The female was hovering in the air trying to look into the opening of the box.
The male was content to sit on a branch close to the box. He then flew to a high branch on an oak tree and appeared to be waiting for insects to fly by. Flycatchers prefer the high tree tops and seldom hunt on the ground.

This is the time of year the birds mate. Perhaps we will see more of them if they build a nest in our area.


FOG sez: Did you see the hairdo on that male? Click on the photo above for a better view. I used to have that much hair on my head, long, long, ago.