Warning, the following may not be suited for everyone. Mother Nature can be a bit cruel. All creatures need to eat; sometimes it may not be pretty.

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I was at a bird sanctuary early one morning and happened to see a Great Blue Heron find and eat a large snake. I was amazed at how quickly the whole the process took place.

Heron_EatingThe heron was looking around in the grass and grabbed hold of the snake. He (the heron) tossed it around for just a few seconds, I think to stun or kill it. Then he swallowed it head first.

I thought it would take a bit of time for the bird to completely consume the snake, so I walked around the top of the shoreline to get a different angle.

It didn’tHeron_Eating take me more than two minutes to change positions. In that time the snake was pretty much gone down the heron’s throat.



FOG Sez: I think I’ll stick to a nice crunchy bowl of cereal for breakfast.