Turn up the air conditioning, summer has arrived in Florida. The weather forecast is pretty much the same all summer: hot and humid. The photo above is an actual graphic from a Tampa TV station. Of course, summer is also tropical storm and hurricane season; that can dramatically change the weather.

People often ask how we tolerate the hot summer temps. We do the same we did in the North. When it was too cold and the snow was blowing, we stayed inside. Here, we stay inside in the heat of the day. Yard work is done early in the mornings or late in the evenings. Just about every Florida home, car and business is air conditioned; it is not too hard to escape the heat.

Visits to the beach are early or late in the day; only the tourists stay in the sand all day. Frequent dips in the pool are highly recommended.

We visited the Sunshine State for ten years prior to moving here. Our visits were always in the third week of June. Many times, as we boarded the plane in Pittsburgh, the temperature was in the 40s or 50s. We were so happy to land in Florida to temps over 80. We still love the heat today.

If you are planning a move to Florida, understand that it gets very hot here in the summer. It takes a few weeks or months, but your body will adjust to the higher temps. Soon, you will be setting your AC to 86 in the house and guests will be asking you how you tolerate the heat.



FOG sez: High temps, a swimming pool and Pina Coladas, no wonder they call this paradise.