Sunsets tend to draw the most attention of tourists and locals alike, especially here on the west coast of Florida. Its fame is well deserved and does not disappoint us very often. But sunrise offers much to those few who rise early.

The beach at dawn has its own magic. While most people are still cozy in bed, as the light starts to get brighter, beautiful colors emerge. The hues of sunrise tend to be softer and muted compared to those at the end of the day.

Birds seem to appear out of nowhere, as they fly into view out of the haze over the water. Passionate fishermen and beachcombers have the shore to themselves.

The water-men, who depend on making a living from the seas, can be seen heading out to tend nets or traps.

As the sun rises in the east, the sky changes from the darkness of night to a soft warm glow. It is a great time for photography.
The image above, of a Sanderling was made about an hour after sunrise.
The colors of morning can range from yellow to pink to light blue. No matter what the color of the day, watching the sun come up, offers a great way to start the day.


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