The Sarasota newspaper reported today that the temperature of the Gulf of Mexico reached 81 degrees. Why would we take notice of that? Sure, it’s more comfortable to swim at the warmer temps but that’s not why we care. Hurricanes are the reason.

In order for a hurricane to maintain itself, the water needs to be above 80 degrees. The storms use the heat of the water to produce their energy.  After a warmer than normal winter, the water in the Gulf has reached that critical temperature earlier than usual.

Officially, hurricane season does not begin until June 1. Florida has more problems with the storms in August and September. November 30 marks the end of the season; a day for Florida residents to breathe a sigh of relief.

The weather forecasters have predicted lower tropical activity for the coming season; we hope that’s the case.  However, we really need to have a rainy season where we get a good rain every afternoon. The water table for most of the state is very low.  We have had lower than normal rainfall for the past three years. Brush fires across the state have been quite prevalent in the last few weeks.

All part of the fun of living in Florida.




FOG sez:

Make sure the insurance is paid, and don’t worry about it.