In most of the US, barbering seems to be a craft in decline, Florida is no exception. There are fewer neighborhood barbershops around; those that are still open, seem to do a pretty good business. I guess it is hard to make a good enough living cutting hair these days.

Most of us old guys remember when a good haircut was under $5.00, I know, that was long, long ago. Still, many balk at prices over $15.00 for a trim.

The barbering industry has faced a trend of fewer shops for years. The small one or two man shop has been replaced by the mega shops, hawking their services with TV ads. For me, I like a small shop, where the barber knows you.

New Florida residents (men) may face a challenge finding a good local shop. Once found, the price may not be what you paid up north; just another fact of life in the sunshine state.


FOG sez:

On my last visit to the barber, I mentioned that it didn’t feel like much was taken from the top of my head. The reply: “You don’t have much left up there”. I think he was talking about hair…